Scholarship Update


Because of the coronavirus and school closures, we had to cancel the interviews with high school seniors.  I wrote to tell these students whose written essays and academic accomplishments were especially impressive, that they had been selected for a scholarship on the basis of their on-line applications.

At past Fiestas we introduced new recipients and college graduates. This year the Fiesta is also cancelled.  Raffle gifts and treasure items were already being gathered to be sold during the event. The $10,000 we usually add to our existing funds was expected to help 12 continuing students and 10 new applicants.  Our students faced many challenges in the past, but this year, because of the coronavirus, their struggles are magnified and there will not be the celebratory graduation events for high school and college seniors.

Our scholarship organization is small.  All services are volunteered and donated. Our supporters are friends or family of board members. It takes all of us to help these young people get the education they've worked so hard to attain.  Their goal is to help their families and communities in the future.

Drew's memory has lived on at every Fiesta, especially when I greet the aging Grant High School basketball team with affection and gratitude for their support.  They still look young to me.

This year we are not sending our usual little return envelope, to prevent another contamination. We are offering the opportunity to use your credit card for a donation.  You will see the Donations button below. Any contribution will help.

If you prefer sending us a check, please mail to:

Lila Silvern
4414 Mary Ellen Ave.
Sherman Oaks, California 91423